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VISIOPROMPTEUR is a dedicated TV application.- Portable Teleprompter for tablets and smartphones -
It allows presenters , presenters, journalists have a teleprompter for extra , for filming in the studio or outdoors.
Simple and efficient to use.
You can set your camera on board a small system with a magic arm and position facing the presenter.You can also use it in the studio.
It is possible to control the teleprompter , remote ( wifi or bluetooth) via a computer, smartphone, etc ... with different applications existing remote .
************************************************** **********INSTRUCTIONS:
Launch the application , copy / paste from a word processor (or even internet) of your document to read.Submit your text and you just have to put it in the form ==> SPEED , SIZE , etc. ... and you can wedge it where you want it , by touch , then run it.
1) copy / paste2) size3) speed4) break5) position by hand6 ) play